Benefits of Membership

One of the main benefits of membership is to be recognized as supporting a strong and growing association of academics. It is the strongest such association in Canada and brings many academics from the US and elsewhere to its Annual Conference.

Members will need a membership in order to attend the annual conference.

The main attraction of purchasing a 5-year membership is the opportunity to be an Inaugural Member of the Association. Yes, we realize that the 5-year membership costs $100 per year and the shorter memberships are only $50 per year. Buying a 5-year membership says you believe in the Association.

Membership Fees

  • $50 fee for 1 year
  • $150 for 3 years (convenient, as this avoids the need to keep renewing)
  • $500 fee for 5 years. If purchased in 2015/2016, this comes with the opportunity to be recognized as an Inaugural Member on the Sponsors page of the web site and on the conference program.

Membership Application

  • You can pay your membership fee by credit card, using PayPal, with Wild Apricot.